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Many uses for Recycled Conveyor Belting

Our quality used and recycled has been used for a variety of applications.

No request is too unusual. Our belting has been trimmed to size for many different uses. Please contact us and we can discuss your specific project.

Here are a few more ways our conveyor belting has been applied to real world applications.

Archery & Pistol Range Backstops

Our recycled belting can be used as an effective and versatile backstop for your archery and pistol ranges.

Archery Range backstops 60lb bow at 50 yards

60 lb bow at 50 yards.
3/16” light weight 1.5” airgap. ½” heavy weight belting

Concrete Expansion Joints

Concrete Expansion Strips

The recycled belting may be cut into small strips and used as concrete expansion joints for driveways and other concrete sites.

Auto Mats

Rubber Auto Mats Frotect Floor

Whether it's the showroom floor or your garage, our recycled belting protects your floor from oil leaks and other damage.

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